Ridgeway Farms

Education, Market & Community Gardens

Ridgeway Farms is dedicated to agricultural education, community service, and research targeting adolescent wellness. A 35-acre farm housing several different species of animals, community gardens and educational modules provide the foundation for the program

  • Vocational Training
  • Entrepreneurial Enterprises
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Environmental Enrichment Programs
  • Arts and Culture
  • Educational Programming


Vocational Training

Ridgeway Farms will be a center for vocational training in agriculture, nutrition and food, eco-housing, healthcare and education assistants, and entrepreneurial and small business development in a sustainable economy.

Entrepreneurial Enterprises

Ridgeway Farms will  promote several sustainable entrepreneurial enterprises including the Morning Morgantown Café, community-supported agriculture, a gift shop, Farm-to-Table pick up, a farmer’s market and cooking and related classes.

Environmental Enrichment Programs

Ridgeway Farms will house the Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia and provide environmental education programming and interactive educational trails.

Educational Programming

Ridgeway Farms will provide educational programming at a Farm School and an onsite daycare facility.

Health & Wellness Programs

Ridgeway Farms will house several health and wellness related programs including medical clinics, complementary and alternative healthcare practices, mental health and other programs related to gardening and nature. Of special concern are child obesity, chronic disease management and addiction recovery management.

Arts & Culture

Ridgeway Farms will promote arts and culture by providing art classes, artist-in-residence studios and hosting musical and Appalachian culture presentations.