Jasmine Project

Kennel & Residential Community

Located at Quarry Run Meadows, the Jasmine Project is an all-inclusive, animal-assisted living community with special emphasis on elders, adolescents previously in foster care and individuals with disabilities. The integration of elders, adolescents and individuals with disabilities into on-going community activities allows for the development of interdependence promoting a sense of purpose, belonging, and responsibility and thus improving the quality of life of all those involved.

Programs will include:

  • Service Dogs
  • Vocational Training
  • Arts and Culture
  • Environmental Enrichment Programs
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Housing and Community Development


Service Dogs

Quarry Run will be the home of the Hearts of Gold Whelping Kennel and provide support for the program’s fostering an placement activities.

Vocational Training

The Jasmine Project at Quarry Run will be the Phase 2 site for Eco-housing training in sustainable construction and sustainable edible landscaping and training in healthcare and education.

Arts & Culture

The Jasmine Project will house and artist-in-residence program.

Environmental Enrichment Programs

The Jasmine Project will provide environmental enrichment programs including interactive trails and environmental education.

Health & Wellness Programs

The Jasmine Project will host complementary and alternative healthcare practices including training in meditation, nutrition and mental health, yoga, tai chi, qui dong, and gardening and nature.

Housing & Community Development

The Jasmine Project will offer eco-housing for sale, transitional rental units for program housing, veterans supportive living during education, foster youth in MODIFY program supportive living, elder living quarters and duplex and pod homes.